Thursday, November 1, 2012

On Grandparents

This post was written this past June when I was sitting in downtown Melbourne, Australia. I woke up to the news that my best friend's grandfather had passed way. It threw me off and made me lose balance. I had gone downtown to enjoy the city and to do some exploring but instead, I found a spot and started writing...

June 2012: Baruch Dayan Emet:Grandpa Kraut 

Jennie's grandfather passed away today. 

When our grandparents die, the world starts to feel off balance. Our grandparents have always shown us the way; they have shown us how to live our lives with meaning.

Zeidy and Grandma Guttman

Bubby and Zeidy Esterson

…and Bubby and Grandpa Kraut

Now when you look at them without their significant others, they look lost. You watch them as they say goodbye to their loved one after 60 years.

You watch them very closely; every moment and gesture.
She touches his face; wipes away his tears as if she can take away the pain;
combs back his hair; every action is always gentle; so perfect.
They were supposed to be together forever.
Now we are living in post-forever.
They are our rocks.
They show us the way.

A quality person like Grandpa Kraut is so rare. He was always so friendly and asked after our well-being. If you walked by him, you would just think he was a nice older man but in fact he was a giant among men. When we learn about chessed and giving charity, we must look to him, for he is the quintessential role model.

I am in Australia right now enjoying my wonderful Australian family and I am so honored to be able to witness my cousin Rebecca marry her best friend.

The world lost a great man today: a man who embodied class, success, elegance, and deep-rooted Jewish values. He was a proud father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and a loving husband to the love of his life, Bubby Kraut.

I feel lost because if Zeidy Guttman, Bubby Esterson, and Grandpa Kraut aren’t here-how do we stand a chance?

We don’t really have a choice. We must push. We must do everything in our power to lead noble lives enriched with the values they taught us, and we must have faith just like they did.

We can stand strong all day long and pretend we don’t miss them but in those times when we are most vulnerable, all there really is to say is:

Zeidy, Bubby, Grandpa...

We just miss you a whole lot. Life was a lot easier when you guys were around. 

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  1. Wow. This was so powerful and brought back so many memories.